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Our Philosophies & Values

Our Vision

To provide the leading coaching programme in the area for all ages and abilities by creating a passionate and fun learning environment, delivered by a world class coaching team.


Why this vision? 


Putney Lawn Tennis Club was founded in 1879 and is one of the oldest tennis clubs in the world. It has a rich history as a tennis club and should have a coaching programme that allows it to excel as a club long into the future. 



The club allows members and non-members to access the coaching programme. This means it is easier to supply coaching to more people in the area. 


Our Philosophy and Values 

We believe tennis is a sport for all and a sport for life. Tennis is arguably the toughest sport to learn and master but we believe it is also the most enjoyable and rewarding sport. 

It takes a long time to excel at tennis and many hours of dedicated practice. To be a good tennis player requires physical, mental, tactical, and technical attributes. We try to teach all these skills in our coaching sessions, but it is imperative that players use their time outside of these lessons to be practicing what they have learned. 

We try our best to be a positive influence on the lives of the people we teach. We aim to provide a fun, quality, and personable coaching environment for people of all ages and abilities. 

Our Aims 


As well as working as hard as we can to teach our juniors the physical and technical aspects of tennis, we also strive to use tennis as a tool to teach life skills. Our aim is to provide the environment for:

  • Hard work and persistence – Tennis is a challenging sport but if you understand that you should always be striving to improve and better yourself, you will be able to transfer these skills into other aspects of your life  

  • Communication – Tennis allows a natural interaction between players and is a great way of improving conversational skills in an age of screen time and social media 

  • Respect for others – Tennis can be an intense sport and produce frustrating situations, but if you can control your emotions and still show respect for your opponent this will help you to build better relationships through your life 

  • Building friendships – Tennis is a great social sport and gives you the opportunity to spend time with people that are like minded, and on a journey to develop their tennis alongside you



With a huge adult membership base in an incredibly social club, our adult programme has been designed to complement that. Our aim is:

  • To provide every adult club member with the opportunity to have coaching at the club. We also try to accommodate non-members where there is space

  • To create a fun and sociable atmosphere in which to learn and improve 

  • To help our clients live healthy, active lifestyles

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