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There are 5 different types of membership available at PLTC:



A Full member can play during all opening hours inclusive of weekends and has a weekly invitation to Club Night on Wednesdays.


An Off-Peak member can only play Monday-Friday 8am-5.30pm.


A Student membership entitles you to the same rights as a Full member, for a reduced fee. *Proof of full-time education will be required.



Junior members can play up until 6pm Monday to Friday, up until 2pm throughout weekends.



A Social member cannot access the courts but can attend non-tennis social events.

For all membership prices click here.

The PLTC season runs from 1st April to 31st March each year and, pending availability, you can sign up at any point throughout the year for an Off-Peak, Student, Junior or Social membership.


How to apply: Full membership


Applications for Full membership only take place on an annual basis. Applications open in January.

Every February and March we run a series of Play-In days to meet all the potential new members.


This comprises a short informal group interview with the selection committee and then a session on court supervised by our coaches and match captains.


We therefore get to know you both on and off court and you get to find out a bit more about us. 


Once the membership renewals have been completed on 31st March, we'll know how many spaces we're able to offer to potential new members and all applicants are then notified accordingly.


To be considered for full membership at Putney Lawn Tennis Club we expect you to be able to do the following:

  • Serve consistently using chopper grip, rarely hitting any double faults. 

  • Rally from the baseline and have the ability to adapt to receiving different speeds and spins.

  • Direct both forehand and backhand volleys using chopper grip.

  • Understand the rules of doubles, where to stand, and how to play a competitive game. ​


To apply for the following membership categories - Off-Peak, Student, Junior and Social - please contact the Club Manager to discuss availability.

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