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Junior Group Coaching

We have a comprehensive coaching programme catering for all ages and abilities, with a variety of sessions available. Non-members are able to join the coaching programme.

Our coaching team is led by Head Coach Nick Hatchett, who is a Level 5 Master Tennis Club Coach.

Pre-Tots to Green groups have a maximum ratio of 1 coach to 6 players. Yellow groups have a maximum ratio of 1 coach to 8 players. Each session incorporates technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects of the game. The programme is split into the following age groups:


Pre Tots (2-3yrs)

This is a session run by a coach where the parents are asked to be on the court with their child. The players will learn a variety of athletic skills as well as progressing to pushing the ball along the floor and hitting over a low net.

Tots (3-4yrs)

At this stage we ask parents to be present but not on the court. The players will learn to work cooperatively, learn how to distinguish between left and right hand and will start to hit the ball over a low net.

Mini Reds (5-6yrs)

The players will learn to hit serves, forehands, backhands, volleys, to rally, and to count the rally. They will also learn to recognise when a ball is ‘in’ or ‘out’, call when it is ‘out’ and understand when the ball has bounced twice.

Reds (7-8yrs)

Players will continue to develop movement and agility skills, improve all theirshots and to rally in the red court with ready position. They will also learn to be able to move the opponent by hitting cross court and down the line, as well as starting to hit the ball short and deep.

Orange (9yrs)

Players will now move to a bigger court. Players will learn how to move their opponent around by hitting the ball short and deep and start to understand opening up space in the court. They will be taught to build stronger tactical awareness into their game.

Green (10yrs)

Players will learn how to adjust to the bigger court and different ball type whilestill focusing on developing an all-round game. They will be taught how to use the court space and change the pace of the ball to move the opponent.

Yellow (11yrs +)

Players will play with regular tennis balls for the first time. They will now be taught how to work towards rallying from the back of the court, playing points and understanding the ball characteristics (height, depth, speed, spin & direction).


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