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Adult Group Coaching

We have a comprehensive coaching programme catering for all ages and abilities, with a variety of sessions available. Non-members are able to join the coaching programme.

Our coaching team is led by Head Coach Nick Hatchett, who is a Level 5 Master Tennis Club Coach.

Our Adult coaching programme contains a wide range of sessions covering all abilitities from a 'Basic skills' course for beginners to Advanced Doubles courses. Please click below for information and bookings.


Basic Skills - This course is designed for those who are still relatively new to tennis or have had a long break away from the game. It will cover all strokes and include some basic tactics.  Open to non-members.

Adult Level 1 Doubles  - Designed for those who are still relatively new to the game. The focus is on consistency and basic technique as well as doubles positioning and simple tactics. Open to non-members.

Adult Level 2 Doubles - Players learn to use a variety of spins in different situations, directing the ball accurately and shots such as the drop shot. It is doubles focused including working on tactical match play.

Adult Level 3 Doubles - This is designed for advanced players only. This course looks at technical and tactical development in match play situations, as well as more advanced doubles tactics.

Adult Level 4 Doubles  - Players have now reached a very proficient level in their tennis. They can execute all shots with pace and spin, understand what to do tactically on the doubles court, and are close to, or perhaps even in the teams. 

Cardio Drills (Spanish Drills) - Practice your shots while getting a good workout. Basket fed drills. Open to non-members.

Ladies' Team Training - Organised by the team captains direct with the coaching department.

Wednesday Doubles training - Invitation only.

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